Here’s our story…

With roots beginning in the coastal plains of South Carolina and extending all the way through the fertile Alabama black belt, the Ryals family has deep heritage as southern outdoorsmen. Even before the European settlers, the Ryals family native ancestors were stewarding the lands of Alabama. That rich heritage is the reason CFM Fire Managers is passionate about the work they do today.

Jacqueline Ryals served in the United Sates Army and the Alabama Army National Guard as a Military Police Officer before founding CFM Fire Managers. Her husband and Brother-in-Law, John and Bobby Ryals are the brothers that keep the “Boots on Ground” moving forward every day. Like Jacqueline, both John and Bobby are Army Veterans, and the team at CFM Fire Managers, takes GREAT pride in being a military owned small business, and selectively military Veteran employer. The combinatoin of love for family, community, and the great land we live in, is what makes Jacqueline such a special businesswoman.

That is exactly what makes CFM Fire Managers so special. It’s a family. A family of outdoorsmen, land stewards, farmers, and southern by blood. Let CFM Fire Managers partner with you to realize your land management goals. The CFM Team can do everything from simple land clearing, to erosion control, to firebreak installs…and of course prescribed fire. If you have a vision and dream for your land or property, please consider contacting us today to set up a meeting to discuss your project.